Michael Lam


Nikki Mendoza

Wedding Party

Lam Van Lam

Father of the Groom

Favourite hobbies include: Tending to his cucumber and lettuce plants, Sitting in his favourite chair, Watching action movies with the groom

Trang Doan

Mother of the Groom

Favourite hobbies include: Going for walks, Looking at family photos, Offering food to anyone who walks through the door

Jocelle Mendoza

Mother of the Bride

Favourite hobbies include: Line dancing to Despacito, Singing karaoke with disco lights in the background, Eating chocolate fingers

Araceli Trinidad

Grandmother of Bride

Favourite Hobbies include: Having coffee and reading the "Coffee News" at Tim Horton's, Watching Filipino Teleseryes, Shopping at Dollarama

Father Juan Lucca


Long-time friend of the groom. Went through highschool with the groom at the Seminary of Christ the King.

Favourite Hobbies include: Being Holy

Maria Arsenault

Maid of Honor

Jesus enthusiast, Missionary at Catholic Christian Outreach

Favourite Hobbies include: Singing & playing guitar, Soap-making, and Finding free furniture

Sr. Avelina Joseph


Sister of Life. Always the life of the party. Childhood friend of the bride.

Favourite hobbies include: Talking about that good ol' JC, storing cookies in her pocket, & telling amazing stories

Katrina Gerona


Chairwoman of good vibes. Good friend of bride and groom.

Favourite Hobbies include: Hiking, Being an Instagram star, Logging in those one million km runs

Mariel Conti


First met the bride at CCO's 2015 Fall Retreat. Couldn't stop talking to the bride about this suave guy also attending the retreat (Carlos Suzara i.e. the Best Man).

Favourite hobbies include: Creative writing and photography, Smiling big, and Taking selfies with the CCO "fam"

Carlos Suzara

Best Man

Is indebted to the groom for setting him up with Mariel. Has known the bride since high-school.

Favourite Hobbies include: Wooing his girlfriend, Mariel, Drawing pictures of Mariel, Going to parties with Mariel...

Jorie Roldan


Fellow Christ the King alumni and close friend of the groom. Lover of chocolate, classical music and philosophy.

Favourite hobbies include: Eating chocolate during lectures, Giggling, and Generally being a ball of sunshine

Alex Ballestra


A good and faithful friend. Journeyed with the groom through university and mid-20s life crisis.

Favourite hobbies include: Shopping at Chapters, Doing yoga, Finding skin-care products that make his face feel smooth and supple

Jean-Luc Padley


Joined the Catholic Club (CCO) of SFU with the bride and groom. A not-so-proud American. Lover of the Church. Currently plotting world domination by 2020

Favourite hobbies include: Philosophising and being a wise bearded man

Maria and Alex Salazar

Sponsors, Chord

Forever Lovebirds.

Centa and Andy Ragasa

Sponsors, Veil

Bringing the Island Breeze from Hawaii.

Andrew Maggard

Coin Bearer

Cousin of the Bride.

Sabrina, Alyssa, Martina

Flower Girls

Besties for life, and cousins of the Bride.

Stephanie Slaney

Junior Bridesmaid

Goddaughter of the Bride.
Kelly Schmidt