Michael Lam


Nikki Mendoza

Michael Lam and Nikki Mendoza

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Our Story

Michael and Nikki met in spring 2013 during their first year at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C. Nikki had just returned to Canada after working various odd jobs in California, (sales assistant at fancy fashion brand, burrito roller at beloved Chipotle,) and discerning the Religious vocation with the Verbum Dei Missionaries. Michael was just one year out of the Seminary of Christ the King in Mission B.C., where he spent six years growing out of his awkward teenager stage, and of course, discerning the Priesthood too. It turns out they were both called, not to religious life, but to university life.

After beginning their studies at SFU, Michael and Nikki became involved in the Catholic club on campus, (Catholic Christian Outreach), where they quickly became good friends. Over a year had gone by and they were still good friends. That is, until Michael had popped the big question--"Will you date me?". Of course, in the tradition of all good love stories, Nikki made him wait. And wait. And it wasn't until four months later when she finally came around and gave her "I do" to dating Michael. And the rest, as they say, is history.
Well, not quite...

Because now it's time for the beginning of an even greater story. Now, three anniversaries have passed and they're ready (and excited) to say the ultimate "I do" to one another in the Holy Sacrament of Marriage!
Kelly Schmidt